Actividad integradora 5. applying for a job

Actividad integradora 5. applying for a job

Integrating activity 5 module 11 week 3

During this integrative activity you will use your knowledge about quadratic equations to help Luisa, she is a young woman who works wrapping gifts, she just ordered a box, but she didn’t write down what the measurements were, so you will have to help her find them.
Valeria can only give you the following information; she bought three fruits, a watermelon, a melon and a kilo of mango for $190.00 pesos; also remember that the melon cost her three times the price of the mango, while the watermelon cost $20.00 pesos less than the melon.
a. Write a paragraph, 8 to 10 lines, in which you explain how else mathematics can be applied in your context and why it is important to your life, specifically when and how you can use your knowledge of series, sequences, and proportions.
Indicate in a table like the one below how much you will invest in each item and the percentage to which it corresponds. In the cells that correspond to the amount of money and the percentage, the operations performed should be displayed.

Integrating activity 6 week 3 module 11

As an example, as a support to define the two meanings below. Sometimes it took a long time to find information about a customer. A client when asking…
R/: I consider that if we are well mentally, socially and physically we can say that we have a complete balance if we can carry out our daily activities at work, in our family or in our social life; I believe…
Formulate a proposal for action from a professional perspective to address the problems of the environment, based on the analysis of the political, economic and social context and individual skills.
In the following activity you must find the hidden words, related to accidents and electrical prevention, and reflect on the terminology and that we present to you. Teacher the solution of the soup of…
Rta: This event is an accident at work because the worker suffered a disability and as stipulated and mandated by the law 1562 of 2012, any sudden event that occurs because of or in connection with work, and that produces in the worker an organic injury…

Integrating activity 6. the box

Integrating activity 5. The storyTopicWhat do you want to write about?    Literary textTitleWhat will you name your story? The Little PrinceNarratorIn which person will the story be told? In the third personInitialWhat sentence will you start your story with?    The pilot finds himself lost in the Sahara desertThe story The
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Integrating activity 6 module 11

2. World Powers2.1. United States2.1.1. Military Power2.1.1.1. It is the nation with the greatest development of nuclear weapons and has the most powerful army in the world.2.1.2. Ideological Power2.1.3.1. Through the media, the USA imposes its values and culture on the rest of the world.2.1.4. Economic Power2.1.4.1. Economic power is achieved through the invasion of territories to obtain resources. A current example is the control of oil in the countries of Iraq and Syria.2.1.5 Political Power2.1.5.1. The USA dictates policies at world level, through the influence it exercises in international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund.2.2 Japan2.2.1. In its capital, Tokyo, crime rates are low.2.3. Germany2.3.1. Its economy is based on the export of minerals, manufacturing, machinery, vehicles and technology. It is a precursor of the European Union.

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