Posdata te amo pelicula completa en español

Posdata te amo pelicula completa en español

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Holly and Jerry were a loving couple with a perfect match. But suddenly, the unthinkable happens: Jerry passes away and Holly must spend the rest of her life without her husband, and in a depression, Gerry discovers that her late husband has left her a series of notes written before he died, one for each month, giving her the keys and instructions to get ahead in her new life.
Holly (Hilary Swank) is recently widowed. Her marriage to Gerry (Gerard Butler), was perfect, and now she has to face a lifetime alone. How to overcome this loss now? Holly will find a series of letters written by her late husband before he died, in which he expressed his wish that she would be able to regain her illusion after her loss.
P.S. I Love You starts with a somewhat atypical premise within the romantic drama genre: it begins with the disappearance of the loved one to revolve again and again around the immense emptiness that death can provoke. Director Richard LaGravanesse strikes a much gentler tone than the story was really asking for, without really delving into the protagonist’s wounds, in a tone that doesn’t come across as overly tearful or sensationalistic. The pain in the film is sweetened, there is no depth to the story.

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Set in New York, it centers on the lives of Gerry and Holly, who were college sweethearts and felt as if they had always been together. They could finish each other’s sentences, and even when they argued, like over who should get out of bed to turn out the light every night, it was all taken with humor. Holly didn’t know what would become of her without Gerry, no one did. Later, Gerry would leave Holly a list of things to do to get by day after day.
Gerry passes away from a brain tumor. Since then, Holly lives as a widow, alone without her husband and in shock over the situation and commits some crazy things (like imagining she is with Gerry or talking to him).
Surrounded by sharp-tongued friends and with a family that loves and overprotects her to the point of madness, Holly is not a heroine of our time: she falters, stumbles, cries and jokes as she makes her way to independence, to a new life of adventure, professional fulfillment, love and friendship.

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I read the book and the movie has nothing to do with it, and when I say nothing to do with it, I mean nothing to do with it. The plot is totally different. The book is beautiful, but I found the movie ridiculous. In the movie she spends the whole movie with her husband’s ashes back and forth, in the book she doesn’t talk at all about the burial (ridiculous burial in the… See more
Beautiful movie, with which I dropped more than a tear, emotional, with an original plot, simple and that comes, with an actor like gerard butler yal yal beautiful that the role is great and a talented actress hilary swank is also perfect for the role, good music, scenery, good script perfect mix for an evening with a bowl of popcorn…. See more
Hello, well I want to say that I am a big fan of love movies.I have seen many and it is also my favorite genre.So I want to say that this movie is worth it.In the cinema I was very excited and even cried, some moments were of laughter but others in which the script makes your hair stand on end.People can say that the movie is… See more

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Actors in P.S. I Love You (cast): Roger Rathburn, Michael Countryman, Susan Blackwell, Sherie Rene Scott, Brian McGrath, Anne Kent, Dean Winters, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Nellie McKay, Harry Connick Jr., Kathy Bates, James Marsters, Gina Gershon, Lisa Kudrow, Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank.
The full movie was produced by Julie Huntsinger, Lisa Zupan, Wendy Finerman, Steven P. Wegner, Donald A. Starr, Broderick Johnson, Molly Smith, Daniel J.B. Taylor, Andrew A. Kosove, John H. Starke, James Hollond, James Flynn and Morgan O’Sullivan.GENERAL PRODUCTION AND ASSOCIATED STUDIOS.

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