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Jamie apparently didn’t like that and tries to run away from Landon, while he claims that he is afraid of feeling something and that’s why he hides in his literature books. After that, Landon’s friends humiliate Jamie with a photograph. Landon when seeing that defends her from them, taking her then to his house and then Landon invites Jamie to go out and she replies that her father does not allow it; he when hearing that convinces her father to let her go out so he ends up accepting.
In that invitation Landon fulfills two wishes on Jamie’s list, they are to be in two places at once and a tattoo. On that outing Landon declares his love to Jamie telling her that he loves her, while she makes him remember the promise he made to her. He swore to keep that he would never fall in love with her, but she accepts it and they end up being together.
Finally, Jamie reveals to Landon that he has leukemia and has only a short time to live. Landon takes it upon himself to fulfill all of Jamie’s wishes, described by her some time before, such as dancing at sunrise, seeing a shower of stars, and most importantly, getting married in the church where her parents did. Jamie dies shortly thereafter, and Landon discovers his true calling: medicine.

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Teen drama that adapts another bestseller by Nicholas Sparks (also author of Message in a Bottle and The Notebook). Without being “nothing new under the sun”, a good start introduces us to the main characters and the consequences of a typical competitive act among young people: to belong to a group you have to prove your manhood and overcome a dangerous test. The initial chorality of A Walk to Remember becomes a story of two, Landon and Jamie: the popular school boy and the modest and religious daughter of the pastor of the Baptist church in town.
The rapprochement between the two is forged with simplicity and delicacy by the season’s play at the center. The confrontation between loyalty to the reference group and what they will say versus individual development and the strength of feelings is raised. All rather syrupy,…

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In terms of awards, it is undoubtedly one of the most awarded films in 2002: Mandy Moore won the MTV Movie Awards for Best Acting, and also won the Teen Choice Awards along with Shane West for Best Supporting Couple.
Mandy Moore is Jamie Sullivan, a girl who is teased at her high school in North Carolina. But that’s not what Jamie is worried about; what matters most to her is living life one day at a time and not letting any opportunity slip through her fingers. But, one day her life takes a 180-degree turn when she finds out that one of those boys who teased her, Landon Carter, has to star with her in a play and it is here where her life changes completely.
If someone hasn’t seen the movie, I won’t be the one to tell you about that unforgettable ending where we learn the most important things in life and realize that our time in this world is limited.
However, I would like to explain more about this character who, from my point of view, has changed many lives: Jamie is a girl who does not believe in love and is afraid of falling in love. A scene in the movie reflects this: when Landon asks her for help to prepare his play, she says yes, but on one condition: that he does not fall in love with her. Landon immediately tells her not to worry, that it won’t happen but unfortunately he doesn’t keep his promise and as time progresses he realizes that Jamie is what he had always needed but had been too blind to see.

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La serie La misteriosa Sociedad Benedictina es el último espectáculo para niños, pero sigue siendo atractiva para el público adulto. Los creadores Phil Hay y Matt Manfredi han creado un mundo clásico al que han añadido el misterio y la complejidad de Disney para conseguir un espectáculo agradable.
Esta serie trata de las aventuras de cuatro niños que tienen talentos en diferentes campos. Reynie (Mystic Inscho) es inteligente, George (Seth B. Carr) tiene memoria a largo plazo, Kate (Emmy DeOlivera) está dotada técnicamente y Constance (Marta Kessler) tiene poderes secretos.
Los cuatro tienen algo en común, ni tienen padres ni son queridos por sus respectivos padres. Son reclutadas por el Sr. Benedict (Tony Hale) para detener los malvados planes del Dr. El Instituto. Cortina.
El Dr. Cortina utiliza El Instituto bajo la apariencia de una escuela para colar ideas y pensamientos en las mentes de los demás. Los cuatro niños se cuelan en El Instituto para descubrir cómo detener el complot y salvar al mundo del Dr. Cortinas.
Aventuras de la Sociedad BenedictinaDisney+ afirma que la serie está dirigida a un público infantil a partir de 8 años. Sin embargo, al igual que otras series de Disney, las historias que ofrece siguen siendo divertidas para aquellos que quieran un espectáculo de luces, pero siguen siendo entretenidas con todos los rompecabezas.

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