Canciones de graduacion para llorar

Canciones de graduacion para llorar

Graduation songs 2021

Knowing which song best describes a graduate or a group of students finishing their studies can be difficult. Many opt for the song «of the moment» or one whose lyrics serve to reflect or think about this important moment.
The theme may depend on the type of institution, the stage completed, the profile of the graduates, the emotion involved in such an event, where it will be listened to, etc. Each place or party will have its style, customs and licenses to choose a suitable song.
The profile of the graduates is vital when choosing the best song for the graduation. They are the most prominent guests, even if there are also family members and faculty. Talking to the students or asking them what their tastes or preferences are, it may be easier to find a theme. However, the truth is that it can also be a complicating factor.
So that it does not become a nightmare, a good idea is to put together a list of topics. Bearing in mind that it is not only five minutes that the celebrations last, a playlist will make everything simpler. You can even put together a compilation with everyone’s favorite song if there are not too many students or if you want to achieve something more personalized.

Farewell song to a friend

You successfully conclude your basic elementary studies, now you open the door to an academic world of more strengths, challenges and knowledge to acquire that await you and that you will overcome with courage. Congratulations son on your graduation.
Between addition, subtraction, triangles and nice experiments, you managed to overcome a sea of adventures with your friends, you learned to be independent and now you are able to live more emotions that will make you grow, congratulations on your graduation my beloved son!
You managed to pass this first level successfully, little by little you have shown that you materialize every goal and your primary school graduation diploma is just an example of what you can achieve, congratulations son on your graduation!
Primary education has formed you and delimited your character, you have founded in you the basic principles, you have created an image of a worthy person that you are going to strengthen as you grow. I congratulate you enormously for being an exemplary son, congratulations on your graduation from elementary school!

Songs of achievements and goals

Each and every song on Bonnie Raitt’s album Luck Of The Draw became a sentimental instruction manual for a generation leaving adolescence in the American South (Ana Perez and I share exchange romanticism). But among them all, I Can’t Make You Love Me, offered everything there is to know about love: basically, never be with someone who doesn’t love you no matter how much you love them, a classic, yes, but Bonnie Raitt was addressing only you. And, of course, you had to listen to her. And listening to her hurt. Probably the song that I’ve sung more times in my life. That «Don’t patronize me» is engraved in my heart. *Sad songs: ‘She’s Already Made Up Her Mind’, by Lyle Lovett
Even when she performed a seemingly cheerful song, Amy conveyed a radical desolation, a beautiful and painful warning of tragedy. In this song it is almost a Greek tragedy, that even the gods intervene (Over futile odds and laughed at by the gods…) to remind me that love is another of life’s villainies, perhaps the cruelest of all. And the most addictive, she knew something about it. Only Amy can rip your heart out and tear it out in front of your idiot face without needing to raise the tone, without emphasizing the obvious. My wretched goddess. *⚰Sad songs: ‘Ode To My Family’, by The Cranberries.

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