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Philippe (François Cluzet, ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’) is a wealthy man who belongs to high society. However, his life will change forever after a spectacular paragliding accident that will leave him crippled and in a wheelchair. He will no longer be able to do anything by himself, so he will have to hire an assistant to help him move around and take care of him at home. The person who will be left in his care will be Driss (Omar Sy, ‘Micmacs’), a young black man in need of money who comes from a slum and who, to top it all, has just been released from prison. Although they seem destined not to get along, Philippe and Driss will find in each other the illusion that is missing in their lives. They will learn to appreciate and mix Vivaldi with hip hop, tailor-made suits with baggy clothes and tracksuits, and the delicacy of the palate with the street burger. If separately they are fragile people, together they will be untouchable. The directorial tandem of Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache has achieved a resounding success at the box office in France, making ‘Untouchable’ the most watched film of the season in the neighboring country.

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If your archenemy’s mom, for “life’s scripted convenience,” has the same name as your mom, you’ll probably see more sense in Batman V. Superman… If any. However, anyone can give their opinion about such a movie and decide whether they like it or not.
Something very similar happens with movies whose main plot, in one way or another, revolves around the theme of disability. There is no doubt that anyone can watch, understand and enjoy them; but if you are familiar with the subject, pay a little more attention, or if you have a disability, you will surely notice certain details that would go unnoticed by others.
Also known as Amigos Intocables, this French production narrates part of Phillippe’s life; a cultured, thrill-seeking, adventure-loving millionaire who, after an accident, is trapped in a wheelchair unable to move or feel anything from the neck down.
After a scene that, without giving away major spoilers, previews part of the final act; the film begins at Phillippe’s mansion, where a job interview is taking place to fill the position of his personal caretaker. Among the several well-qualified applicants is Driss, someone of African descent with a somewhat shady past, who has no experience at all in caring for people; and who is there only to be rejected so he can collect an unemployment pension.

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Philippe is a millionaire quadriplegic who owns a hotel, his assistant Magalie is casting to interview his next caregiver. That’s when we meet Driss, who doesn’t show much expectation to be hired, in fact, he was just looking to get the signature to attend the event to keep his welfare benefits.
Driss is advising Phillipe little by little to try to improve his personal life, especially on how to better educate his adopted daughter Elisa. Driss, on the other hand, is learning from Philippe’s culture about art, opera, etc.
Finally Philippe is convinced by Driss to talk to Eléonore on the phone, however, Philippe does not dare to send a picture of him in a wheelchair to Eléonore, and asks his son to send him a picture before his accident.
Driss’s younger cousin, is in trouble with a gang and searches for Driss at Phillipe’s mansion. Upon finding out, Philippe releases Driss from his job so that he can support his family thinking that he probably wouldn’t want to be taking care of him anymore.

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A touching and witty story, based on real events, about two men who should never have met: a quadriplegic aristocrat injured in an accident and a young man from the suburbs of 
This is one of those movies where you come out with a smile on your face. It starts off in a very fast-paced manner, which doesn’t seem to be associated with its poster or synopsis, but it’s not the first thing they’ll do that way throughout the film, and when they show in the second scene how the characters get to know each other, it also creates a lot of doubt as to how they’ll bond with each other. But the script is very solid and the director’s work makes everything believable.  It has a great work of the lead acting duo and also of many of the supporting actors.  The film lasts just long enough and is very well rounded.  Perhaps it takes too long to show the reality of the nurse, in those neighborhoods of Paris that recently were revealed by their social problems, but in turn serves to make clear the contrasts that go far beyond physical issues.  A film that shows someone all the time in a wheelchair and does not have a single low blow. That shows great work in the script and in the planning of the scenes.  It’s “cute”. There is no other definition for it.

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