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You may be familiar with the fable entitled “Who’s Taken My Cheese?” by American Spencer Johnson. The four fictional characters presented in this story, the mice “Snoopy” and “Sneaky” and the Lilliputians (tiny people) “Hem” and “Haw”, represent the simple and complex parts of our behavior. They live in a labyrinth and every day they come for their cheese. The dilemma arises when the cheese is gone and the characters must face the change. The cheese is a metaphor for what we want to achieve in life (work, health, relationships, money…). We each have an idea of what cheese is in our minds. The “labyrinth” symbolizes the obstacles that appear in life to achieve success.
Each of the characters will take a different position. Thus, we can act as Snoop who snoops and detects change early, as Sneaky who rushes into action, as Hem who refuses and resists change, fearing that it will lead to something worse, or as Haw who learns to adapt in time, as soon as he understands that change can lead to something better. The little mice quickly put on their running shoes and go in search of the new cheese. The Lilliputians, on the other hand, try to find causes and culprits for why the cheese is gone, thus wasting time in finding the new cheese.

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Esta sencilla e ingeniosa fábula puede aplicarse a todos los ámbitos de la vida. Este libro nos enseña que todo cambia, y que las fórmulas que se utilizaron en su momento pueden quedar obsoletas. El queso del cuento es todo lo que queremos para conseguir la felicidad, el trabajo, el dinero, el amor, y el laberinto es la realidad
Había una vez dos ratoncitos y dos hombrecillos que vivían en un laberinto. Estos cuatro personajes dependían del queso para alimentarse y ser felices. Como habían encontrado una habitación repleta de queso, vivieron durante un tiempo muy contentos. Pero un buen día el queso desapareció…

Introduction who took my cheese

Like what happened with Haw, each person has to find their own way to change, dispensing with the comforts and leaving fears behind. No one can do it for them, nor convince them to do it, they are the ones who decide one way or another, they have to see for themselves the advantages of Change.
Move with life and enjoy the change. when we can live and enjoy life without putting ourselves so many complications and buts, as there are times when we drown in our own problems, when we can really solve them easily and meet new experiences. And without fear to live a new stage of life and think that if you want everything has a solution.

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