La diversidad prepa en linea sep

La diversidad prepa en linea sep

Open online high school

If you want to finish high school, good news! Today you can do it online through SEP’s Prepa en línea, a free program of the Federal Government. Interested? Keep reading:) Index
How to enroll in SEP’s Prepa onlineOnce the call schedule has been established and a date has been chosen, you need to know the enrollment process to register in the platform. To do so, it is necessary to have a series of requirements and follow certain steps that we will explain below.Requirements to enroll in the programThe educational program is oriented to high school graduates who have a high school certificate. In addition, this platform is only available for Mexicans, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the country.To register you must comply with certain documents; while to use the platform you must have a computer with a minimum of requirements.Regarding the documentation, you must have a credential type photograph, which must be digitized and in color. A valid email address and a PDF file with the following documents:On the other hand, the technological requirements to take the SEP online high school are the following:Steps to register on the platform

Call for applications for online high school sep 2021

This educational modality is ideal for those who have a high school certificate and for various reasons cannot study in the traditional way; people who live in remote areas with few resources, who are involved in sports, recreational or work activities; parents or people with disabilities.
In addition, the flexibility of this educational model allows the student to individually designate the schedule and time allocated to their studies, in order to make adjustments to their activities and lifestyle.
For more information, interested parties may call 01 800 11 20 598, 01 800 28 86 688 or (55) 3601 69 00 exts. 55687, 55449 55451. Or consult the terms and conditions at

Online high school sep 2021

The curriculum consists of 23 modules, which are taken one per month, meets the purposes of the New Mexican School and helps students to use technology to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes with which they are able to face the challenges imposed by the current times.
Applicants who complete the registration process must take the propaedeutic module, which will be taught online from May 17 to June 13, 2021, to develop the basic technological skills necessary to manage the study platform and learn the details of the educational model.
The 24 thousand applicants who obtain the highest grades in the propaedeutic module, have completed their registration and submitted their complete documentation, will be the ones who will be officially enrolled in this service.

Prepa online-sep calendar

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