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The challenger, your love

In any case, the coach of the Gran Canarian team, Pedro Martínez, emphasized in a press conference his intention that “the losses will be as little noticeable as possible. We will look for alternatives to compete at the highest level”. With this possible handicap, the Catalan coach could start Dominican power forward Eulis Báez, who already had an excellent game in last week’s defeat (70-72) against Blusens Monbus, in which he scored 15 points, 12 rebounds and 25 valuation.

There is no evil that lasts for 100 years

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The real hooked

The final of the División de Honor League that hosts Las Terrazas for the first time, between Lexus Alcobendas and VRAC Quesos Entrepinares, this Sunday (12:30h), enters the scene with the expectation of the glorious battles between the great contender and the firm champion. If we also consider the enormous potential of both and the demanding road they have traveled to be able to play this match, we are undoubtedly facing a magnificent day of rugby.
“It was a blow the match against Ciencias. It is hard to prepare for a match and then not be able to play it, as we both would have liked. Faced with a situation like this, I want to highlight the resilience of the team to overcome a circumstance that at first put us off a bit,” says the talented 8, who believes that in this and other not so positive moments the work of Tiki Inchausti and the rest of the staff has been key to keep the players always focused on the goal.
“With courage.” This is how the good Agustin answers, just before laughing, to the question of how to stop a great player like Moala, with whom he will presumably meet again on Sunday. More in depth, he maintains that “it is a nice challenge to be able to face this great player, as well as other duels that playing against the VRAC brings. In his case, it is important to challenge him, even if it costs a lot, and that he knows that you are going to accept in every play the test of stopping him”.

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We invite you to carefully read this guide about the enrollment process, which describes all the stages, dates and requirements for you to achieve a successful process which is your absolute responsibility.
Apply as an aspiring graduate, to continue your studies in another undergraduate program offered by the Institution and that will form you as a professional capable of exercising activities according to your life purpose and contribute, in the future, with the social, regional and national development.
It applies when the interested person purchases the registration fees, fills out the registration form, obtains the corresponding voucher and consults the list of admitted students.
Applicant who has graduated from the Institution: An applicant who has graduated from the Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza Cadavid in any Technical, Technological or University program and requests enrollment to continue studies in another academic program.
The applicant may go to any branch of the BCSC bank (BANCO CAJA SOCIAL – COLMENA) and pay the amount of thirty-four thousand thirty-five pesos M/L ($ 34.035 M/L), FOR REGISTRATION FEES AS AN APPLICANT GRADUATE OF THE INSTITUTION.

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