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Story “a pinch in the belly”.

Las velas malditas Graciela Montes Illustrations by Elena Torres 1994, Graciela Montes 1994, 2014, Ediciones Santillana S.A. From this edition: 2015, Ediciones Santillana S.A.
Let’s imagine La habitación Are you ready to use your imagination? Let’s go! Close your eyes. Now open them We are in the room! Today I have to clean my room because my cousins are coming over.
Pablo and Ana in the world of Toni la Tonina RAP-AL Uruguay Tel/Fax: 401 28 34 [email protected] [email protected] Ana Monterroso de Lavalleja 2112 ap. 802 C.P. 11.200 – Montevideo – March 2007 Pablo
Worksheet nº3 Planning for the reading aloud of the story Goldilocks and the three bears Anonymous Learning Objectives (LO) To enjoy works of children’s literature through attentive listening.

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La panza del Tepozteco (The Belly of Tepozteco) is a horror novel written by Mexican José Agustín in 1992. The story focuses on a group of teenagers who, during a weekend in the town of Tepoztlán, enter a cave in which the ancient divinities of the Popocatepetl people reside, awaiting the return of the god Quetzalcóatl, the day on which they will be able to leave the cave to return to live peacefully with the Mexican people. The book has an indigenous message, inviting the reader to become interested in the millenary history and culture of their ancestors:
“They only understood (the gods) that now everything had changed, nothing would be the same anymore,they would leave Tepozteco and go back to stroll through the great volcanoes, through the old pyramids,and they were not worried that they no longer had cults as before,because, in their own way, they would once again be alive in the people of Mexico…”
“Érika cursed herself to think that she had never known much about the Aztec gods,it was something that almost no one talked about,at school even less,Why,she said to herself,if they were in Mexico,if those had been the gods of her ancestors,of her great-great-grandparents or great-great-grandparents,of her very remote ancestors?”

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He took them running through some trails until they reached the top of Tepozteco, from where they could see some of the surrounding hills in the distance. Afterwards, they returned, in the same way, running…
It is about seven teenage friends: Alaín, Tor, Homero, Yanira, Indra, Erika and Selene; who live in Mexico City and decide to spend the weekend in a town called Tepoztlán, since Alaín’s family is in that town.
When they are already in the truck that takes them to Tepoztlán, they begin to talk about different stories and Alaín, who was the character that lived there, tells them that in this place there are many witches that for some people are healers.
This book tells the adventure of seven boys, who go on a visit to Tepoztlán, where they go into a large cavern where they meet Aztec gods.these young men decide one weekend to go to the house of one of his friends who lives in Tepoztlán, after a long and tiring journey they arrive at the house of alain, where one of his friends meet his mother (Coral), who in the afternoon has to go to a healer to which they…

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They are a set of exercises, studies and works selected for each specific course. These works are progressive, so the student will gradually advance in their piano training: separate hands, alternate hands, hands together, free fingers, chords, … It also has works for 4 hands that can be performed together with the teacher or with another student.
It is a method that I advise to be used with the teacher or to expand what has been seen in class, as it has no theoretical indications. So starting from 0 with it is complicated. I personally used it in my piano training to expand what I learned, although only the first book (yellow).

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