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The curriculum consists of 23 modules, which are taken one per month, and complies with the purposes of the New Mexican School, since the digital educational resources and didactic strategies implemented help students use technology to develop skills, knowledge and aptitudes.
Prepa en Línea-SEP allows the formation of citizens with national identity, respect for human dignity, interculturality and nature, with the ability to face the challenges imposed by current times.
Thanks to the virtual modality, the program has national and international coverage for Mexicans living abroad who have access to the Internet. At the same time, it offers a practical and convenient way to study, as it is completely online, which reduces time and avoids travel expenses.
Applicants who complete the registration process must take the propaedeutic module, which will be taught online from August 16 to September 12, 2021, where they will develop the basic technological skills necessary to manage the study platform and learn the details of the Prepa en Línea-SEP educational model.

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My Learning CommunityIn this section you will be able to access your study classroom and find contents of interest, video aids to help you understand your studies, weekly newsletters and resources to support your learning.
How to study onlineTo study online you need to develop a series of study and research skills and techniques, use of electronic devices and information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as a lot of perseverance and dedication.
CurriculumThe curriculum is composed of 21 modules that cover the disciplinary competencies of the five areas of knowledge, plus 2 modules to strengthen professional and labor competencies. During the 23 modules, the development of generic competencies and socioemotional skills is worked on in a cross-cutting manner.

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To provide relevant, comprehensive and excellent education to young people and adults who have completed basic education and wish to pursue their high school studies or develop job skills, in order to become citizens with national identity, respect for human dignity, interculturalism, nature and environmental care, as well as with a culture of peace, a high social, ethical, humanistic and social responsibility commitment, able to face the challenges of the XXI century; In a virtual option, with flexible schedules, adaptable to the context of the student and that takes advantage of the potential of new technologies to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes in students.
To be a leading institution of virtual high school education for all young people and adults, with academic excellence and vanguard, which represents a socially recognized option because its community has a high sense of ethics, humanistic and social responsibility as agents of change, allowing graduates to improve their quality of life and that of their environment.

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