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The Coexistence Club was born as a response to a need: the improvement of school coexistence from a non-disciplinary and non-reactive approach, but rather a participative and proactive one. To this end, we started from the Learning and Service Project (ApS) that we developed in the Madrid Network (“El Club de la Insumisión”) and we undertook a reform of our Coexistence Plan, also guided by an ApS project that consisted in the creation of four clubs of student helpers to work on welcoming, integration, equality and prevention of bullying, cyberbullying and gender violence.

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Activity guide for the development of social-emotional competencies such as recognizing emotions and identifying how they relate to behavior, listening and identifying the feelings of others, and identifying social norms.
Fefa, Mico, Dino and Clara talk through a video call about why they are in quarantine, explaining what the coronavirus is, what it can cause in people and how they can help them not to get infected or get sick.
Mico is very happy because every afternoon his family plays a game together. This day it’s Mico’s turn to choose what they will play and his choice is to play Explorers: he will hide his game blocks and the rest will have to look for them.
Fefa is very scared because her mom had to go shopping and she is afraid that she might catch the coronavirus. Her friends talk with her and share when they have had fears and how their families helped them overcome them.
Fefa is angry because the outing they had planned with her cousins will not be able to take place because they cannot go out due to the Coronavirus. Mico, Dino and Clara share other situations that have made them feel anger and rage.

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CIRCULAR No. 1 July 21, 2016 Dear Resident: Receive warm greetings from the Board of Directors of Asocuan and our gratitude for the support and trust you placed in us. Seeking that the
MANUAL OF COEXISTENCE AGRUPACIÓN RESIDENCIAL SAN PEDRO DE CASTILLA The purpose of this manual of coexistence is to guarantee the rights of all the residents of Agrupación Residencial San Pedro de CASTILLA.
Internal Regulations Laguna del Mar La Serena Tourist Complex General Rules Article 1 The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate the use of common spaces and facilities.
MANUAL OF COEXISTENCE PLAZUELAS DE TIBANA II BUILDING P.H. The purpose of this manual of coexistence is to guarantee the rights of all the residents of the Plazuelas de Tibana II Building, to the use of the common spaces and facilities.
Department of Planning Subdirection of Recreation and Sports Protocol for entry of dogs Comfama Recreational Parks 2017 The regulations of the Comfama Recreational Parks stipulate the prohibition of the entry of dogs into the

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The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone (English: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone) is an episode of My Little Pony: The Magic of Friendship. It is the eighth episode of Season 5 and the ninety-ninth episode of the series overall.
In the original version, when the episode aired on Treehouse TV, the part where Gilda calls Rainbow Dash a “loser” was muted, as well as when Gilda and Pinkie Pie call each other “dweebs” and when Rainbow Dash calls Gilda “clumsy”.
The episode begins in Sugarcube Corner, where Pinkie Pie uses one of her granny’s old pie recipes, with Gummy. Her Cutie Mark suddenly begins to glow brightly, indicating that he is being called by the Cutie Map. Before leaving, Pinkie entrusts Gummy with the baking.
At Twilight Sparkle’s castle, Twilight is thrilled that the map is calling Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash to the griffin kingdom of Griffinstone. Although Twilight turned into a bit of a fan of the griffin story, Rainbow is less enthusiastic about the way Gilda treated her friends during their visit to Ponyville.

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