Actividad integradora 4. making my family timeline

President amlo affirms that the support will be delivered.

For its part, Article 27 of Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, entrusts the Government with defining the basic conditions for establishing the requirements of the programs for the improvement of learning and performance from the second year of Compulsory Secondary Education, in which a specific methodology will be used through the organization of contents, practical activities and, where appropriate, subjects, different from that established in general, with the aim of enabling students to take the fourth year through the ordinary route and obtain the title of Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education.
The competencies, therefore, are conceptualized as a «know-how» that is applied to a diversity of academic, social and professional contexts. For the transfer to different contexts to be possible, an understanding of the knowledge present in the competencies, and the linking of this knowledge with the practical skills or abilities that integrate them, is indispensable.

Se unen tandas para el bienestar y jóvenes construyendo el

Este estudio es una propuesta de intervención educativa basada en la expresión corporal, en la que se defiende la creencia de que se pueden mejorar las relaciones sociales a través de la Educación Física. El objetivo principal de este estudio es mejorar la desinhibición en el aula de Primaria a través de juegos, especialmente de aprendizaje cooperativo, que ayuden al niño a desarrollar mejores habilidades sociales para tener un mejor conocimiento en la forma de relacionarse con los demás. La propuesta de intervención consiste en siete sesiones basadas en la expresión corporal, que cuentan con actividades grupales en las que los alumnos perderán sus inhibiciones y se expresarán de forma natural para que el alumno mejore sus vínculos sociales con el grupo.
A pesar de que la Expresión Corporal no siempre ha formado parte de los contenidos de Educación Física, dichos contenidos han ido apareciendo de forma continuada relacionados con la espontaneidad, expresividad, sencillez y naturalidad del momento (Ortiz, 2002).
La Educación Física es un área curricular que favorece el desarrollo integral de los alumnos, ya sea a nivel físico, psíquico o sociológico. Se aprecia la actividad física como una excelente vía de comunicación social, la cual permite la relación con los demás.

Chapter 4 «stories from the (not so) common school».

Equity is the biggest obstacle to preparing for online learning, and the first thing to think about. If your district is not 1: 1 and doesn’t have devices to send home with everyone, survey teachers and families ahead of time to determine who will need devices and bandwidth.
For teachers or students who don’t have Wi-Fi at home, districts should figure out how to purchase or rent Wi-Fi hotspots and then have a plan to distribute both devices and hotspots. If you have advance warning that a shutdown is imminent, districts can send devices and hotspots home with students prior to the shutdown. If an abrupt shutdown occurs, plan a pickup time and location and make arrangements to deliver devices and access points to those unable to pick them up.
Note that students with individual education plans (IEPs) should have access to their specific accommodations during the shutdown, including video access to aides and logins for applications.

Learning experiences for the development of the project.

In this activity you will work on the justification of the project, therefore, you will take up all those elements that will help you to explain in an argumentative way its importance and transcendence of why and for what purpose it will be carried out.
1. Define the audience. Address this presentation to the people who could be involved in this project: your family, your community, even a person with whom you have a job interview. Knowing the audience to whom you will be presenting allows you to tailor the information to arouse their interest.
b) Write the justification of your project, which consists in explaining the reasons why it is important and transcendent to carry it out, in short, highlight what, why and what you will do it for. For your ideas to be coherent, it is necessary to express them in an orderly manner, so we recommend you to develop a paragraph for each idea, for example:

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