Los tuyos los mios y los nuestros pelicula completa

Los tuyos los mios y los nuestros pelicula completa

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This film is about a couple who fall in love in high school but whose paths diverge. They both go on with their lives, mature and marry, only to be widowed. However, they must overcome a very difficult obstacle: Helen has 10 children (4 biological and 6 adopted) and he has another 8. Getting a house for all of them will not be easy, let alone getting organized. The resistance of some of the children to accept the new union, plus the conflicts that will arise in this new «overcrowded» home, provide the framework for this story in which many adventures and misfortunes will unfold. A movie for the whole family.

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REPORT OF THE MOVIE LOS TUYOS, LOS MIOS Y LOS NUESTROS 1.- THEME Los Tuyos, Los Mos y Los Nuestros 2. – BRIEF SUMMARY This film is a comedy about two widowers Frank and Helen, with ten and eight children respectively, who during their studies in high school were sweethearts and after many years they meet again at a party organized by the students of that promotion, both decide to give each other a chance and end up together, the children of both after several altercations unite to separate the new couple; after achieving the goal the children decide to tell the truth to the parents for fear of separating the Sper Familia.3 VALUES PROMOTED Solidarity. Unity. Respect. Understanding. Love. Forgiveness. Truth. Sincerity.

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Reconstituted families are those composed of a couple that after second (or third, or fourth) marriages, in which one or both adults bring children to the relationship, decide to live together.
On the other hand, in reconstituted families everything is the other way around: the couple already has different family rhythms and customs, loyalties, needs, expectations, fears, stages, and influences.
There are obvious external things, but the most important thing is «what is not seen», such as the internal processes that each and every member of the couple goes through. According to their age and specific situation.
b) by an inadequate management of the construction of «Midpoints» that allow stepparents and stepchildren to go through each stage: getting to know each other, accepting and/or rejecting each other, approaching each other, building the bond and transforming it according to each stage.
Once installed in the new bond, the real ghosts appear and it is when people enter into the dilemma of having to choose between their children or their relationship. Several veils sustained by fantasies and myths fall down:

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However, life, with all its twists and turns, has a surprise in store for them: when they meet again as adults, their love resurfaces. The problem is that now they are not alone: Frank has eight children and Helen another ten.
During the complicated coexistence, the young people will find something that unites them: they all want to ruin their parents’ relationship. So together they will devise a malicious plan that will succeed in separating Frank and Helen. What they don’t expect is that during the course of their wild and mischievous antics they will learn to work as a team, to live together and to love each other as one big family.
The reluctance of some to accept the new union, together with the conflicts that will arise in this overcrowded household, provide the framework for this story in which many adventures and misadventures will unfold.
Will the youngsters succeed in separating the new family or will they learn to value it? Will they follow the plan or will new feelings arise that make their malicious intentions fail? Will these mischievous thinking minds rectify in time or will it be too late to build a nice big family?

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